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A young man who is happy after receiving a job in construction.

What is the Best Construction Job For Me?

In more ways than one, construction is about building for the future. For those looking to enter this dynamic and crucial industry, the sheer variety of roles can be exciting and, if we’re honest, a bit overwhelming.

To help you work out what types of construction jobs are best suited for you, we’ve written this helpful guide. We’ll explore what the different construction careers in the UK have to offer. Whether you’re directly laying the bricks, managing a site, or controlling projects from an office, there’s definitely a niche in construction that could be your perfect fit.

On-Site Work

For many considering what construction jobs best suit them, the first picture that comes to mind is the construction site worker. This on-the-ground job can range from skilled trades like bricklaying and carpentry to so-called ‘unskilled’ but crucial roles like labouring.

See your projects grow.

Site workers bring community needs and desires to life. It’s a role that carries a deep sense of transformation and is perfect for people who relish the prospect of building something real and tangible.

Every block laid, every nail driven, is a step closer to the finished product. If the thought of seeing your efforts grow day in and day out appeals to you, then this could be the best construction job for you.

An active role.

Site work often demands physical and practical skills. It’s a very active role, requiring stamina and dexterity. For some, this might be a detractor, but studies show that physical jobs, especially ones outdoors, can have significant benefits for both the mind and body.

Skilled Trades Roles

For many, the artistry of construction revolves around skilled trades – the plasterers, the carpenters, the plumbers. Each trade’s precision contributes massively to the overall quality of the construction. If you’re wondering what types of construction jobs are best for you, then a career in skilled trade often offers a clear path of progression and skill development.

A joiner works in a construction site.

Intense job satisfaction.

These roles often provide a deep level of job satisfaction, where a worker can take real pride in their craft. The demand for skilled trade workers remains high, and with a shortage of young people entering these fields (something we’re dedicated to combatting), the value of skilled trades is never in doubt.

Hands-on learning.

Starting in a skilled trade often starts with hands-on learning and is a perfect route for those who prefer to learn by doing rather than through traditional education. This way, you can build invaluable skills and experience.

Supervisory Roles

Supervisory roles in construction act as a sort of middle-ground between the office and the site. Site supervisors need to have a deep understanding of the work at hand and be adept at managing both the project and the people. It’s a role that thrives in communication and coordination.

A mentally stimulating position.

For those who enjoy the simultaneous juggling of tasks and the thrill of leading a team, then a supervisory role could be the best construction job for you. The ability to see the big picture while carefully tending to the details is a critical skill for this position.

A chance to utilise your experience.

It’s a path that calls for individuals who can think critically and adapt quickly in a constantly changing environment. Often, a background in construction can be helpful, but people coming from other management positions will likely have some excellent transferrable skills. Either way, the capacity to communicate and lead, as well as a passion for construction, will help you stand out.

Project Management and Planning

The heart of every successful construction project lies in meticulous planning and precise management. Roles in project management offer a. different types of fulfilment. While they may not be as physically active as site work, they are incredibly dynamic and strategic.

A management meeting taking place in a construction site.

Be the guiding influence.

Project managers are at the helm, ensuring that deadlines are met, budgets are adhered to, and that project vision becomes a reality. These roles are generally more stable, less subject to weather and other site-specific variables, and are crucial for the business side of construction.

Are you a flexible critical thinker?

If so, project management and planning might be the construction career that’s best for you. This is a path that calls for individuals who can respond to a constantly changing environment while staying the course for the rest of the team, ensuring that long-term goals and plans are still kept to.

Supervisors looking for extra responsibility or management and planning experts from other sectors are often great fits for this role.

Looking For Your Perfect Construction Job?

If you’re looking to step into the dynamic world of construction but you’re unsure which role suits you best, then ITS Construction can help. We’re a dedicated specialist recruitment partner who has been in operation since 1973. We collaborate with main contractors, developers, and sub-contractors across sectors to help match the perfect candidate with their dream role.

We’re passionate about working with underrepresented groups in the industry, including women and young people, in order to build a richer and stronger construction sector.

Find the construction career that’s best for you by visiting our Candidates page, or get in touch to find out more.

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