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Owen Jones: Welsh Three Peaks Challenge

On July 1st, teams from Wales & the Southwest came together and completed the Welsh Three Peak Challenge. Myself , Callum Bowden, and Charles Cox from Swansea. Felix Haigh, Sam Griffiths, and Emily Young from Cardiff. Stewart Robbins and Ben Carter from Bristol. Tim Lerwill from Exeter. Adam Roseveare and Vicky Biles from Plymouth. After an 8-hour journey for Tim, Adam and Vicky to North Wales, all offices were able to meet and catch up before the 5am start at Snowdon. 5am soon came around where we all set off in horrendous weather to reach the summit of peak 1, Snowdon. Due to dreadful weather conditions, it took a total of 5 hours to get up and down Snowdon, where everyone was soaked through by the end!

We travelled down to Cadair Idris knowing we had time to make up. Everyone powered through and thankfully the weather had cleared up, so we were able to complete Cadiar Idris in 4.5 hours. It was a tough decent which took its toll on everyone. We then travelled down to Pen-Y-Fan with increasing concern that we wouldn’t have enough light to get up and down the mountain. It was the final push, and everyone was feeling it by this point. At 8:45pm, everyone put their heads down and pushed on to the top. We completed Pen-Y-Fan in 1hr 30. We made it back to the car park and the light had completely gone. Everyone gave it their all and should be immensely proud of their individual efforts.

It was great to see 5 offices come together to complete the challenge. An amazing group who supported each other throughout. The 11 participants were able to raise a total of £3946.43.