The ITS Construction Personnel Training Academy programmes have been designed to help our staff take advantage of the unique progression opportunities on offer at ITS. Organic growth is one of ITS’ most fundamental business philosophies. Our success stems through the development of our own staff, rather than bringing experienced consultants in from elsewhere. This is why we take your training and development very seriously at ITS, a better you makes a better us.

ITS provides a bespoke recruitment training programme to suit your level of experience.  A combination of desk-side one-to-one training, group based training and external group sessions are used to give you the best possible start. You will also a have a mentor to guide help you in your first three months with us, usually a senior consultant who’s been in your shoes. But, it’s important to us that training doesn’t stop once you have become familiar with your role.  We support and coach our consultants at every stage throughout their career.

This is particularly important to us when you show the potential and interest to lead your own team. You will be offered to take part in a Management Development Training Course. This course is designed to help you progress to the next step of your career with us, potentially resulting in you opening and running your own ITS branch.

The ITS Construction Personnel Training Academy is overseen by Sharon Sutton, our Talent Acquisition and Training Manager. Sharon has over 20 years of experience in the industry, holding nearly every job in recruitment from trainee to business owner, Sharon’s recruitment knowledge and training is one of the best in the business.

Take a look at our success stories and testimonials page and see some examples of how you can build a career at ITS.

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