A Career in Recruitment with ITS:

We believe working at ITS is the best job in recruitment. We are a growing company with a great history. Having started with one office at our Reading HQ in 1973, we have expanded to have 21 offices strategically placed around Central and Southern England and Wales.

Our 43 year history means we have built strong long lasting relationships with the biggest names in the industry. Yet, it’s the future we’re excited about, here at ITS we like to look forward. Opening new offices each year, our expansion is continuous.  We attribute our success to the calibre of our employees which is why we’re always looking for ambitious and motivated people to become a part of our friendly, hard working team.

Unique Progression:

Our expansion is a result of the career development of our staff. Here at ITS we have a ‘No Glass Ceilings‘ policy.  Every member of staff who walks through ITS’ doors has the opportunity to become a director and shareholder of their own office if they show the aptitude and desire to do so.

Equal Opportunities:

We value diversity and don’t discriminate on the grounds of age, skin color, disability, gender, marital status, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation. In line with our aim to promote diversity in our workforce, we also have a Equality and Diversity/ Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Policy.

Annual Incentive Scheme:

Achieve £250k Net Margin between 1st January and 31st December and Join Our Exclusive Top Performers Club.

Winners Enjoy A Luxury Weekend Away in March to a 5* All-Inclusive European Destination

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