Employee Testimonials

“I started with ITS with no experience at all, recruitment was a whole new career for me but ITS were happy for me to start from scratch and learn the industry when many wouldn’t. 7 years later I’m still here and going strong; starting as a resourcer, working my way up to senior level and having a blast doing it

Over the 7 years I have been through some major personal hardships and ITS have stuck by me throughout. Working for ITS is more like joining a family than a company. A huge thank you to ITS for everything.”

Tanya Rowse, Senior Recruitment Consultant

“After joining ITS initially on a temporary basis, I quickly found the other employees to be a great bunch to work with and also witnessed first hand the potential for success and growth within a well-established company. With alternative career paths on offer, a combination of the financial and social benefits of working for ITS soon made up my mind, a decision I haven’t looked back on since!”

Felix Haigh, Senior Consultant

“I started working for ITS in February 2021 and I can honestly say my first 6 months have been really exciting. I enjoy coming into work, my colleagues are really nice and easy to get along with and very supportive. The career path excites me as the harder you work the more you earn extra each month. ITS thrive on career progression and this is something that is important to me.”

Ben Robinson, Recruitment Consultant

“I joined ITS in 2011 after working for a large corporate recruiter. I was offered the opportunity to work my way up to a Director / Shareholder and this was extremely appealing to me. I started at the bottom and commuted to a nearby office to understand how ITS worked. Within a year I had opened a new ITS office in my home town and recruited 2 consultants. I now have 20 consultants reporting to me across 3 locations and I am a Director and Shareholder of 2 ITS companies.

The best part about ITS for me is that you are left to get on with developing you business whilst benefiting from all the experience. The management team has a over 400 years collective experience in construction recruitment and this is so valuable in the market place.”

Chris Booth, Director

“I’ve been with ITS for 2 years now. In that time I’ve made the journey from an apprentice, to trainee recruitment consultant, to recruitment consultant and I’m now looking to be hiring my own team. The support I’ve had to develop and better myself in my career is second to none.”

Louis Crawford, Recruitment Consultant

“Having started as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant with no previous construction or recruitment experience I was able to progress through the career pathway set out by ITS and with the extensive support from senior staff I opened my own office within 2 years and became a Director within 5 years. I have felt valued from the start and was involved in decisions around employing staff and giving key business information from early on. The opportunities that I have been given have also included impressive social events such as trips abroad along with the access to mentoring and career support from industry experts.”

Ted Grizzell, Director

“The best thing about ITS is the warm welcoming working environment with great team spirit. The management are very supportive and are always around to help, advise and support you in all aspects of your work. ITS is a very enjoyable place to work.”

Laura Bennett, Administration Officer

“I started working for ITS in 2015 after spending 15 years working in a completely different sector. In my previous employment the salary was fixed and what I was looking for was the ability to be rewarded financially the harder I worked. Recruitment and ITS was exactly what I was looking for.
At the end of my first year I was the highest biller in the group and I had tripled my salary from my previous job. The atmosphere in the ITS’s offices are always great fun and no day is the same. In the 6 years I have been at ITS I have worked my way up from trainee to Director.”

Dan Cummings, Sales Director

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