Andrew O’Neill – Director at ITS Engineering Southampton

“your life is your life, don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.”

I speak with 10’s of candidates daily, hundreds every week that are afraid to leave their current positions.

Some take the leap but others stay, they stay in a position they are unhappy in, in a company they are unhappy in, in a job they are not successful in, with people they do not fit with, for the sake of safety and the fear of taking a step into the unknown.

Some stay in their jobs unhappy until they retire and I see this as such a waste of their talent.

Nine times out of ten it is not their fault, they have been conditioned to believe they are not worth more, that they cannot do more, that taking that leap is to dangerous or risky.

If you are one of those people struggling in your current position and reading this I would implore you to have confidence in your own ability, have belief in yourself, have unshakable…….unwavering belief you are worth more, that you can achieve more. Be the unstoppable indestructible force you have the power to be and take the next step. Whether you are a salesperson, engineer, administrator, Office manager etc etc….Get out of the bubble you are living in that others and you have created for yourself, find a job where you don’t finish at 17:30 everyday, where you make that extra sale, where you finish that extra service contract, where you do that extra hour of overtime, where you put your stamp on it above all of your colleagues.

Most importantly just take the first step, all sprints, all marathons, all assents of Everest started with one step.

Don’t wait for things to happen for you because they won’t, get out into the world and take it, take what is yours, take what you deserve, don’t get to the end of your working life and think “what if”.

For those going through that internal battle to take the leap then take a look at this motivational video by Mateuz M featuring the poem the laughing heart & other quotes by Charles Bukowski

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